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I first started filming High School Athletics when the Grantsburg Pirates Football Coach gave me the opportunity to film games for the team. After the very first game that I filmed, I instantly fell in love with it.

My first game dates back to August 18th of 2017 when the Grantsburg Pirates won a non-conference matchup against the Cumberland Beavers 72-52 on the road. Filming that game gave me the passion I have for filming football as it was a fun and entertaining game to be at. I didn't start making highlight videos for the team until September 22nd of 2017, where the Pirates took on the SCF Saints. I already had experience editing sports videos in the past by using NBA/NFL Clips and posting them on my YouTube channel, so I decided to give it a go with my footage that I filmed and it instantly became a huge success.

Since opening up JLP Films the following year, I have been making individual highlight videos as well as team highlight videos while being compensated for it. I have also branched out to other schools to make videos for them and branched out to Basketball and Softball during my tenure at Grantsburg High School.

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